How to take Ghusal (Major Ablution).

How to take Ghusal (Major Ablution).

6 People Make Shahadah with Yusuf Estes in Ezdan Mall Nov. 2014

Two Ladies, 4 Men accept Islam at "Old Madinah" Expo in Ezdan Mall, right after Abduraheem Green's talk about Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Ezdan Mall sponsors Gui...

Catholic sister taught religion – Then came to God’s religion (Islam)

Sister taught religion as a strict Catholic but she looked into the Trinity and found it to be confusing and it doesn't make sense so she studied many religions including Islam and...

20 YR. Girl Meets Muslim in Bar – Accepts Islam?

Girl Bartender becomes friends with a Muslim in a club reads Quran meets other Muslims - changes her mind and now is Muslim girl wearing hijab and giving her story for dawah to Isl...

Emotional Shahadah with Sh Yusuf Estes

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Anthony accepts islam

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Cindy Enters Islam

Cindy makes Shahadah during a LIVE Guide Us tv Broadcast

John Makes Shahadah on LIVE TV

A Brother named John makes Shahadah on Guide Us tv's LIVE Program "Lets Talk about it" with Imam Karim Abu Zaid

Ron Carns makes Shahadah

Ron Carns from Richmond, VA doing Shahadah with Sheikh Yusuf Estes

Shahadah During Live Event at USM

Tyler Makes Shahadah During Live Event at USM with Sheikh Yusuf Estes

What Is Islam? (Last Miracle)

(Last Miracle)

Worshippers Series-Ramadan Class

Make the most of this Ramadan and find out how worship is so much more than what we think. Learn how to get rewarded for every single moment and for every single action. This is a ...

Anthony From Chicago Enters Islam in Egypt

Yusuf Estes & Pierre Vogel (German ex-boxer) give shahadah to Anthony from Chicago while in Egypt./nAnthony listened to a speech by Yusuf Estes while in Cairo, Egypt and he was...