New Muslims in Lebanon

Sheikh Yusuf Estes at the American University of Beirut talking about his journey to Islam - January 2012.

1000 Enter Islam in Germany

1000 + saying Shahadah in Germany With Sheikh Yusuf Estes & Pierre Vogel

Islam is for Women

two women of two different racial backgrounds convert to Islam, in front of hundreds.

It Makes Sense

It Makes Sense - Norwegians Entering Islam

Dr Zaki Naik Malaysia Tour, Johor Bahru Q&A

*After the Lecture given by Dr. Zakir Naik in Malaysia (September 2012) A brother has Accepted Islam after he asked a Question & then he asked Dr. Zakir Naik how should we resp...

Guantanemo Guard taked Shahada

A Guantanamo guard who was wondering why are Muslims always smiling although they're tortured , then it led him to the truth elhamdulelah and Masha allah

A Person Accepting Islam

A man accepting Islam just before his final days, so emotional....

Women in Islam

Are women in islam really oppressed? Why is it most of the people who become muslim are women?

Predestination or Choice

Predestination or Choice

My Path to Islam Sr Salmah Najim

Voice of Islam presents sister Salmah Najim originally from Fiji and brought up as a Hindu embraces Islam and tells of her journey.

more of how I came to Islam

a more detailed description of how I came to Islam

My Path to Islam – Sakinah

Sr Sakinah from Fiji who was raised in a strong Hindu family tells his story how she came to Islam even though she used to hate Muslims

new shahadah

I did a shahadah on www.chatislam.com on September 30.

İsmail Coşar Arafatta Çift Ezan

Double Prayer Call, Turkish Ezan,İsmail Coşar ezan,Çift Ezan

Kiwi & Muslim Matt Farouk

Matt tells Voice of Islam TV how he came to Islam

Kiwi & Muslim Tyrone Smith

Maori ex gangster tells Voice of Islam TV what moved him to Islam