9/11 Last Man Out Converts to Islam

9/11 “Last Man Out” Converts to Islam with us - One Year LaterOne year after almost being crushed to death at the Twin Towers on 9/11 - William Rodriguez converted to Islam (the sa...

9/11 Update Report (Oops!)

William Rodriguez CONVERTED TO ISLAM with me, one year after he was almost crushed to death on 9/11 - He doesn't agree with the "News Version" of 9/11 Translation: - "Good evening ...

Black Snake Waits In The Grave – {A True Story}

Black snake waits in the grave of evil people (animated)

Lava flow in Hawaii

Lava continues to flow from the volcano in Hawaii

Water For Life in Mandera Kenya

Yusuf Estes and Mutahhir Sabree with Islamic Relief UK visit Mandera, Kenya to bring Water for Life project.

Broadcast Live On Your Website

Broadcast Live on your website.

Earth Axis Shift Causing Giant Earthquakes

Earth's axis is shifting according to scientists and meteorologists. Video shows effects on great earthquakes as magnetic north takes a tour of the northern regions. Will the earth...


Terrorism Against Muslims!

Hawaii Volcano Spreads Lava

Volcano in Hawaii spreading lava from mountain out to the sea, across land, homes and roads.