Extracting Balance from the Prophet’s Sunnah

The following video is a lecture that was given at a recent local conference. It discusses the Prophet's balance in all facet's of life. A very important subject considering how ma...

BTF #26 ‘Islam’s Ambassador’

Building the foundation #26 'Islam's Ambassador' with sheikh Ahmed Al-kurdy

Dispelling Doubts

A unique show for the fist time in the history of Da'wah. A challenge taken up. Answering 'Top Ten Allegations' made by some Christian missionaries against the Prophethood of Muham...

Hadith Principles Episode 19

"Hadith Principles" with Sh. Ammar Amounette - Episode 19

Hadith Principles Episode 18

"Hadith Principles" with Sh.: Ammar Amounette - Episode 18

Hadith Principles Episode 04

"Hadith Principles" with Sh.: Ammar Amounette - Episode 4

Hadith Principles Episode 02

"Hadith Principles" with Sh.: Ammar Amounette - Episode 2

Hadith Principles Episode 01

"Hadith Principles" with Sh.: Ammar Amounette - Episode 1

Do you Know this Man?


Holding to the Sunnah in the 21st Century

Abdur Raheem McCarthy, Ismail Bullock and Gabriel Al Romaani/nWhy should we follow the sunnah in today's world?

Celebrating The Birthday of the Prophet

Celebrating The Birthday of the Prophet "Mawlid Al Nabi" by Imam Karim AbuZaid

An Example of Mercy

An example of mercy all of us should aspire to.

Innocence of Muhammad

Non-Muslims Response - Innocence of Muslims

Azeem Shakhsiat

The great personality.

Voice of Islam TV 16 April 2011 Program

Qur'an: 2: 255-257 FEATURE: The Fog is Lifting by Bridges Foundation LECTURE: Finding joy and inner peace by Eddie and Yasir Qadhi TIDBITS Muhammad pbuh by Yusuf Estes

Fatimah bint Muhammad

Huda TV Fatimah bint Muhammad

INNOVATION (Celebrating The Prophet’s Birthday)

Beside it being an innovation. Those that Celebrate the Prophet Birthday on the 12th of rabi-al-awwal are actually celebrating his DEATH.

Hajj : Step by Step Ep 3/11 (Ihraam 2/2) – Muhammad Salah

This is episode 3 out of 11 of the Step by Step Hajj series of Programmes by Sheikh Muhammad Salaah. He explains us all how to perform Hajj in the right way thru out the 11 episode...

The Simple Life of Prophet Muhammad

An example of the simple life of prophet Muhammad Sal Allahu alayhiwasallam.

Over coming your desires – AbduRaheem Green (in deen show)

TheDeenshow with special guest abdur raheem green who will be talking about the human desires and the importance of self control and being able to overcome ones desires and not let...