Extracting Balance from the Prophet’s Sunnah

The following video is a lecture that was given at a recent local conference. It discusses the Prophet's balance in all facet's of life. A very important subject considering how ma...

BTF #26 ‘Islam’s Ambassador’

Building the foundation #26 'Islam's Ambassador' with sheikh Ahmed Al-kurdy

Dispelling Doubts

A unique show for the fist time in the history of Da'wah. A challenge taken up. Answering 'Top Ten Allegations' made by some Christian missionaries against the Prophethood of Muham...

Hadith Principles Episode 19

"Hadith Principles" with Sh. Ammar Amounette - Episode 19

Hadith Principles Episode 18

"Hadith Principles" with Sh.: Ammar Amounette - Episode 18

Hadith Principles Episode 04

"Hadith Principles" with Sh.: Ammar Amounette - Episode 4