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      Ask Baba Ali – The Art of Complaining

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        Seasonal Muslims

        Ramadan Muslims & the not-so-halal-meat-market at Eid. /nWe can't afford to be part time Muslims.

          Baba Ali – tooth brush

          recorded from live streaming of huda tv

            new muslim story

            a story of new converted to Islam mashallah

              You Won’t Hear that at Jummah

              By Baba Ali

                Ask Baba Ali – Racism and Pride

                Another recent advice from Brother Ali about Racism and Pride by Muslims

                  Ask Baba Ali Worrying and Aging Sister

                  Advice from your friendly funny man

                    Ask Baba Ali Randomly Checked at the airport

                    Advice from your friendly funny man

                      Thats Not Hijab

                      A reminder about Hijab

                        Ummahfilms 2nd Video Finding-Spouse-Online

                        Hysterical and pointed presentation about a most serious subject: Getting married

                          BABA ALI on The Deen Show

                          A man will say anything to a women just to be able to get what he wants from her, And the Guardian of the women can usually smell out a rat.

                            Ramadan Reruns Baba Ali Ummah Films

                            The point of the video is to make people more conscious of these silly actions so they will think twice before they do it during the next Ramadan. Reminding myself before anyone el...