CJ makes Shahadah on Guide US TV

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    Samantha tells whole amazing story of giving her grandfather shahadah on his death bed.

      interview with craig british man convert to islam

      interview with craig british man convert to islam

        Why Muslim Women Wear Hijab

        This is a great explanation of why Muslim women wear hijab. The sister speaking is a revert and speaks in very clear English. By: Aminah Assilmi

          Shahada feb 7 2015

          We did not catch this brothers name, more to come insha Allah as we follow up today (Insha Allah)

            Will Smith & Mohamed Ali – "Fight Against Islam-O-phobia"

            Famous men stand up for Muslims and Islam. Will Smith the famous actor (Fresh Prince of Bell-Air; Men in Black) speaks out for Muslims and Islam, while Mohamed Ali, the world famou...

              New Shahada with Yusuf Estes and GuideUS TV

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                Tony Blair’s sister in law converts to Islam

                Here is Lauren Booth, sister-in-law to Tony Blair. This is her interview about how she came to Islam, and dealing with the attacks against her choice. She comments on Tony Blair an...

                  Hamza Tzortzis Cries in

                  A beautiful and highly emotional short video, reminding all of us the importance of appreciating what we have as Muslims and not underestimating our beautiful way of life - Islam. ...

                    Will Smith & Muhammad Ali – About Islam

                    Will Smith (famous actor) talks with Muhammad Ali (famous boxer) about being Muslim and what Islam DOES NOT TEACH.

                      New Shahada with Yusuf Estes Ricki accepts Islam

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