This is the full length version recorded in 1991 by THE MEDICINE MEN. It is featured on their CD entitled, "ONLY ALLAH". Dr. Bilal Abdul-Alim & Jawad Abdul-Jabbar sin...

Muhammad Nabina Nasheed

Lena and Noor sing this beautiful nasheed about Prophet Muhammad SWS


See these kids give all praise to Allah.

Still A Chance | Muslim Spoken Word | Hossein Behizad

A poem about turning to Allah (swt), while we still have a chance./nNasheed by Omar Esa

Dawa Songs Pilot

A nasheed video program with songs that teach the correct information about Islam.

This Is Islam

Singer Songwriter Mustaqiim Sahir in 1998 felt the need to write a song to tell the world that Islam is all about peace. He received a letter of praise from then President Clinton ...

Forgive me Allah

A very heart touching poem.

Anasheed more peaceful than Qur’an?

Anasheed more peaceful than Qur'an? Dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

Mountains of makkah – No music.

A nasheed by Zain Bhikha.

ahmed bukhatir -la illah illa allah

ahmed bukhatir -la illah illa allah

Youth Club

Inspiring positive change!

hum wo zamana bhool gaey

urdu nice nasheed with beautifull thought provoking wordings

MUHAMMAD Peace be upon him

MUHAMMAD Peace be upon him

Eid takbeers

Eid takbeers with wonderful voices

Nasheed Yaa Rab

Nasheed Yaa Rab

ya man yara(Ahmed Bukhatir)

Describing the power of Almighty God,Allah in his creation .. subhan Allah

Wise Sayings of Imam Hasan Basari

Collection of excellent sayings of wisdom from Imam Hasan Al Basari.

Wudu Song for kids

Wudu Song for kids

Picnic Story of Alphabets

To teach children fatha kasrah and damma