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Hey Kids! Its BACK! Go NOW and upload YOUR Quran Video to https://reciteontv.com https://reciteontv.comThen tell your friends and family to rate and SHARE!THEN WIN! Everyone get’s ...

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Brothers and Sisters, Ramadan is ALMOST here! Join Me as my Dawah Partner at https://guideus.tv/partners , and let's get rewards together- Satellite Broadcasting, Our Leading Islam...

New Shahada on LIVE TV with Yusuf Estes Arabic titles

Subhan Allah! We are so happy to show Sister Jessica called in live on Guide us tv, then a few minutes later she became MUSLIM! ALHAMDULILLAHjoin in and get rewards https://guideu...


Alhamdulillah! Another Shahada, This time LIVE with Us on GuideUSTV! Brothers and Sisters, if you aren’t already a supporting member- JOIN US and let’s get rewards together! Sign U...

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Support: https://donateislam.com/donate/recite Recite ON TV is the show where Everyone Wins. No matter what place they get, no one is last place and EVERYONE is a winner with Allah...

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It's BACK! Guide US TV is Very Proud to Announce the return of Our BELOVED TV Series "Recite On TV" Where YOU Recite, With US, ON TV!! Mom, Dad- Sponsors! Please Support Now at ...

Help Yusuf Estes Deliver Qurans in Ramadan!

Brothers and Sisters, part of The Estes Heritage Foundation is our www.afreequran.com project where we mail out FREE Quran's every week! Right NOW in RAMADAN- You and Me can get AL...

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The Estes Heritage Foundation in a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization with a goal to explain The Beautiful Religion of Islam in Simple English. We don't get any money from big Banks, Co...

Welcome To Islam Bob Shahada With Sheikh Yusuf Estes

Another Shahadah! Bob enters Islam with Yusuf Estes. Guide US TV & Share Islam project help many to Islam (You can help & get rewards) Help US reach our goal! =>https://...

Brother Yusuf Calls In-Do We Need Guide US TV?

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Crowdfunding everything Dawah on https://donatetoislam.com Where users can help fund and launch fundraisers for Islamic 501c3 non profit organizations. Support today, for the rewar...

Guide US TV 10 Years of Broadcasting!

http://igfn.us/form/MyZ7XQ Guide US TV - 10th ANNIVERSARY! Broadcasting TEN YEARS! Non-Muslims! New Muslims! No Commercials! Just REAL ISLAM & Quran 24/7 Join US for Great Rew...

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Join the Guide US TV Team this year in Chicago- Stop by our booth and participate in the LIVE coverage- Chicago- www.masconvention.org

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Guide US TV Special Broadcast with Yusuf Estes

Guide US TV Is having a Special Broadcast Hosted By Yusuf Estes 01/01/2015 @9PM EST 6PM Pacific- Tell EveryONE!

Little Sheikh Series – Promo

Promo of the New Series 'Little Sheikh' Coming Soon on Guide Us tv

Guide Us tv Antenna Promo # 4

Guide Us tv Antenna Promo # 4

recite on tv promo

recite on tv promo

Simple Reminders Promo

Simple Reminders Promo

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ILM Film And Guide US TV Teams up to Present their latest series to the American public~ Great Muslim Lives Produced by ILM Film. Information Liberates Minds- Support today and Kee...

Quran Mailout with Yusuf Estes

MAKE SURE TO SHARE! We need everyone to help with getting this message to the ones who need it most!

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Free Quran Project

Over 22,000 Qurans ready to be mailed out for Ramadan (2015).