Shahadah at Masjid

Salam Alaykum. This man just came to the masjid to enter Islam. He heard us talking about dawah then asked if he could be a Muslim.We’re in Seoul Korea and I wanted to share this w...

Muslim Millionaire – GIVES IT UP!

$60,000 bracelets, $1,300 Louis Vuitton shoes, $400,000 sports cars, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aussie Muslim millionaire gets CANCER - Gives it all up - for ALLAH! Emotional, motivat...

Muhammad Ali giving an Amazing Speech

Muhammad Ali giving an Amazing Speech

Does Jihaad mean Holy War?

Does Jihaad mean Holy War? by Dr Zakir Naik

How to do Dawah?

How to do Dawah? Dawah Techniques by Dr. Zakir Naik from India President of IRF.

Phone call With A FAKE Ex-Muslim [FUNNY]

Imran Ibn Mansur talks to a Fake Ex-Muslim completely exposing him

learn to pray like the Prophet

Learn to Pray Like the Prophet Sallallahu 'Alayhi WaSallam

Geert Wilders (Islamophobe) supporter & son JOIN ISLAM PEACE Convention

Alex, son of Arnoud van Doorna along with his dad, joined Dr Muhammad Salah, Dr Zakir Naik & Yusuf Estes to JOIN ISLAM & Help others see the truth & even GAVE SHAHADAHS...

Discussion:Keeping The Beard. Host: Sh. Jamac with Sh. Saed Rageah, Sh. Abdulbary & Sh. Navaid Aziz

This is a Discussion about the Importance about Keeping the Beard. It is hosted by Sh. Jamac Hareed. Speakers are Sheikhs that are known wolrldwide. They are: Sh. Saed Rageah, Sh. ...

Intro Islam – The Truth Factor

Simple, straight truth about the facts of real Islam, delivered in easy English. Yusuf Estes "Brings the hay down where the cows can eat it", say the folks back in Texas....

American woman accepted Islam

American woman accepted Islam see what she said!

True path to Islam

bilal philips. true path to islam, right path, correct path, true way, right way, correct way

my sister in islam

lets do for islam

How to Give Shahada in 10 min (4 of 8)

How to Give Shahada in 10 min (4 th of 8 parts)

Kamal El-Mekki – Why Give Dawah

Kamal El-Mekki speaks about importance of Da'awah.

Flee to ALlah-Hatem Al-Asum

Series of short videos talking about Heroes of Islam who understood well what it means to flee to Allah.

My Reversion To Islam Story

My Reversion Story...I Will Make A Better One In The Near Future To Replace This.

Innocence of Muhammad

Non-Muslims Response - Innocence of Muslims

How to dawah to non muslim or specially police?

How to dawah to non muslim or specially police? Answer By Dr Zakir Naik

Why There is no Peace in the world?

A comarian asked Zakir Naik about Peace, please listen to the answer.

Jesus in Islam Q&A | Imam Shafi Abdul-Aziz

Who is Jesus in Islam? What does Islam says about Jesus Christ? What does the Quran say about Jesus Christ?? Find out here! Filmed at the University of New Mexico 2011



Dubai International Peace Convention 2012.

Dubai International Peace Convention DIPC 2012 Promo (ENG)/nDubai International Peace Convention is being organized by Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for World Peace (Governm...

Fake Miracles

Fake Miracles by Yusuf Estes

Why Muslims are to be Blame?

Why Muslims are to be Blame? Dr Zakir Naik

Dial Dr. Zakir Naik Episode 2.Part 1/2

Dial Dr. Zakir Naik a new program on peace tv about the live question and answer Episode 2.Part 1/2 on Peace Tv.

Whats Islam

Islam explained in simple English - at last.

Slavery to Allah

this video talks about Slavery to Allah and what believer must do

Our belief part 4

Sheikh Mohammed Salah with Sheikh Yusuf Estes on Egyptian chanal(Al Rahma TV)