what kind of a muslim are you?

what kind of a muslim are you?

Frazier, Ali and Foreman On British TV Show Very Funny

Highlights of a chat from 18 October 1989 with Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, part of their Champions Forever tour/promotion, Harry Carpenter also appears. Joanna Lumle...

Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson Interview

Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson Interview

Muhammad Ali -"This is your Life"

Nice Episode of the "This is your Life" Series with Muhammad Ali. Ali's parents and Joe Frazier are also involved, just like singer Tom Jones and Joe Louis !

Christmas Fairy Tales – The Santa Claus & Christmas lies & Kids Hurt Feelings

John Fontain and Yusuf Estes discuss Father Christmas, Santa Claus, the stories (lies) parents tell kids and why Muslims must never lie to their children. Lovely 1/2 hour and worth...

After Ramadan- Abdul Qader Muhammed

Ramadan is over, now what should we do? This lecture series answers the question and much more...


Amazing debate between 2 Muslim women. Hijabi uses calm but powerful words against 'Secular Muslimah'

Ahmed Deedat & Robert Douglas Debate “Crucifixion or Cruci-Fiction?”

Debate by both Ahmed Deedat & Robert Douglas on topic of Jesus Christ Crucified - and a play on words by spelling it as: CRUCI-FICTION Ahmed Deedat begins with his presentation...

Debate “Role & Status of Women in Islam” Aminah Assilmi & Deborah Scroggins (full debate)

Aminah Assilmi debates Deborah Scroggins (author of “Women of the Veil”) Debate deals with subject of Muslim women and compares them. Ms. Scroggins travels and writes about human r...

Jesus in Islam – Sheikh Yusuf Estes (2 of 2)

Jesus in Islam Sheikh Yusuf Estes and Hafiz Harun Amin prophet christianity part 1

Dr Zakir Naik, Yusuf Estes & Mohamed Salah ALL Together on HUDA TV

2 Hour Special for Huda TV, Peace TV & Guide US TV as Dr Zakir Naik, hosted by Mohamed Salah and joined by Yusuf Estes answer phone calls and talk about the future of TV dawah ...

‘Ask Huda’ with Dr Mohamed Saleh, about operations of TV channels

Yusuf Estes joins Dr Mohamed Salah for 'Ask Huda' show on HUDA TV. Fuad Mohamed hosts the program as we learn how TV channels really operate and dozens of people needed for a live ...

Sexual education for teens: is it an invitation for a sexual revolution for youth?

The Birds & the bees (subject of sex for youth) covered in complete details by Dr Mohamed Salah, main personality for Ask Huda and Correct Your Recitation on Huda TV. This vide...


I was interviewed about Homosexuality.

Importance of Prayer

Importance of Prayer with Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem

Wiki Leaked

wiki leaked