Hands of Allah

Hands of Allah - Mufti Menk

Where is Allah ?

Where is Allah, is He everywhere - Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem

Never Give Up Hope In Allah | Powerful Reminder

Never give up hope in Allah, a powerful reminder from brother Mohammad Hoblos about not losing hope in Allah because he is the Most Merciful and the Most Forgiving

GOD ALLAH ~ Who Is God? Allah? Jesus? (Or Eminem?)

One of the biggest issues leaving society confused today is not knowing who God is. This is mainly due to the amount of corrupt definitions of God available in the public, from Tho...

angels in search of

evelin reads hadeeths about angels in search of those who remember allah

Rely on Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala -Tawakkul – Nouman Ali Khan

"If you put your whole trust in Allah, as you ought, He most certainly will satisfy your needs, as He satisfies those of the birds. They come out hungry in the morning, but re...

Names of Allah

esmaullah husna(Beautiful Names of Allah) recited by Mishary Rashid Al-Afasi

Pray According to the Sunnah

Step by Step Instructions on How to Perform your Salah According to the Sunnah

Mistakes during prayer

Mistakes during prayer .Pay Attention

7 common mistakes in prayer

7 common mistakes in prayer

Voice of Islam TV 8 October 2011 Program

Qur'an: 2: 255-257 Lecture: Explanation of the 2 Shahadahs part 2 by Shiekh Yasir Qadhi. Documentary: The Creator by Harun Yahya. Tid Bits: Shirk by Sheikh Yusuf Estes. My Path to ...

How to worship Allah using his 99 names?

How to worship Allah using his 99 names? answer by Dr. Muhammad Salah on huda tv.

The Ultimate pleasure

The Ultimate pleasure

Islamic Poem

A nice, inpirational, thought provoking poem

Can God Have A Son? (part 2)

Part two continues the discussion of God having no son (or other relatives) on The Deen Show with Eddie and Yusuf Estes

Can God Have A Son? (part 1)

Can God have a son? Why not a daughter? Or what about a mother? Aunt? Uncle? Grandfather? The concept really causes a lot of Christians to leave the faith. Islam offers a very clea...

What is Shirk?

What is Shirk? answer by Dr.Zakir Naik

Most Beautiful Azan by Sheikh Majid Hakeem.

If any one is interested in the mp3 version of this azan please msg me with your E-mail and with the name of the Muadin and i will inshallah send you this adhan by E-mail.

Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab

A Short video on the truth about Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab Rahimahullah

sweet azan

sweet azan

Nablus Azan Alfajr

Azan Alfajr

Amazing Adhan

Please listen to the amazing muslim call to prayer!

Esma Al Husna

99 Names of Allah in a beautiful voice

4 Principles Part 4/5

in this lesson the second principle is discussed after a sister embraces Islam.

Name of GOD – Allah

A Jew explains why Allah is the one and only God

Islamic words

al-moogtahd-Islamic words

Makkah Adhan

Adhan from Masjid Al-Haram at Makkah

Whats Gods name? Also new self defense workshop

Find out Gods name in this program and also get to watch the all new self defense workshop.

Proof of God

Proof of God By Shiekh Yusuf Estes Islamic Peace Conference Chennai India January 2008

Problem in English

Problem in English

God Made Religion Bridgetofaith

BridgetoFaith God Made Religion

Followers of God’s Way

Followers of God's way Enter paradise.

Beautiful Names of Allah – 2

Al-Asma Ul-Husna Version 2