Test Your Spouse Before Marriage

A cute funny story from Sheikh Yahya with an important underlying message for all bachelors and bachelorettes :)

Yahya Ibrahim’s exam experience

Yahya Ibrahim's exam experience

Dumb Phone Speaks – The iPhone 6 Atheist

"My name is iPhone 6 - I'm a Smart Phone . . and YES! I'm an atheist! - I don't need to hear stories about hands that made me, I just evolved from sand, metal, oil and other s...

Guide US TV Yusuf Estes Blooper

Time for a quick laugh =)

Meet Little Sheikh

Meet Little Sheikh a new teacher for Muslim children and teens.

Zakaria and Pablo

Zakaria can't sleep so Pablo tells him a story.

Hasan’s Science Class

Hasan and his teacher discover the rain forest, one of Allah's beautiful creation.

Meet Little Sheikh

Meet Little Sheikh. See how he can help your kids and teens learn about Islam. Learn about his journey to become a Big Sheikh.

Meet Little Sheikh Promo

Meet Little Sheikh. See how he needs your help to launch his TV show to teach children and teens about Islam.

harun why are you laughing

harun why are you laughing

Promo – Good Answer

Do we need Guide Us tv? A Big Yes from the audience

The Puppet Fun Show Pilot

Meet Ahmad and Suhaila, Muslim twins who teach Islam in a fun way.

Who is the Boss – Mufti Menk (Funny and true)

Mufti Menk explains why we need to know obey Allah's instructions.

How to Give Shahada in 10 Minutes (Part 1 of 8)

Da'wah training from Sheikh Kamal el Mekki, a Da'i who is said to have a black belt in Da'wah.

Mango Juice joke – Kamal El Mekki

A joke taken from Kemal-el-Mekki's lecture 'Giving dawa in West'.

The End of Music (Full Lecture) – Kamal el Mekki

A lecture on verdicts of different renowned scholars and knocking the false proofs that music is permissible (this lecture is against music). Several logical proofs are also provid...