Test Your Spouse Before Marriage

A cute funny story from Sheikh Yahya with an important underlying message for all bachelors and bachelorettes :)

Yahya Ibrahim’s exam experience

Yahya Ibrahim's exam experience

Dumb Phone Speaks – The iPhone 6 Atheist

"My name is iPhone 6 - I'm a Smart Phone . . and YES! I'm an atheist! - I don't need to hear stories about hands that made me, I just evolved from sand, metal, oil and other s...

Guide US TV Yusuf Estes Blooper

Time for a quick laugh =)

Meet Little Sheikh

Meet Little Sheikh a new teacher for Muslim children and teens.

Zakaria and Pablo

Zakaria can't sleep so Pablo tells him a story.

Hasan’s Science Class

Hasan and his teacher discover the rain forest, one of Allah's beautiful creation.

Meet Little Sheikh

Meet Little Sheikh. See how he can help your kids and teens learn about Islam. Learn about his journey to become a Big Sheikh.

Meet Little Sheikh Promo

Meet Little Sheikh. See how he needs your help to launch his TV show to teach children and teens about Islam.

harun why are you laughing

harun why are you laughing

Promo – Good Answer

Do we need Guide Us tv? A Big Yes from the audience

The Puppet Fun Show Pilot

Meet Ahmad and Suhaila, Muslim twins who teach Islam in a fun way.

Who is the Boss – Mufti Menk (Funny and true)

Mufti Menk explains why we need to know obey Allah's instructions.

How to Give Shahada in 10 Minutes (Part 1 of 8)

Da'wah training from Sheikh Kamal el Mekki, a Da'i who is said to have a black belt in Da'wah.

Mango Juice joke – Kamal El Mekki

A joke taken from Kemal-el-Mekki's lecture 'Giving dawa in West'.

The End of Music (Full Lecture) – Kamal el Mekki

A lecture on verdicts of different renowned scholars and knocking the false proofs that music is permissible (this lecture is against music). Several logical proofs are also provid...

Fiqh of Cell phones – Kamal El Mekki

A talk in which Kamal El Mekki discusses the all issues related to the cell phones. This includes the timings when you can call your friends, selecting a ringtone and a lot lot mor...

Strictness vs laxity in religion – Kamal El Mekki

A wonderful talk by Kamal El Mekki telling us what exactly is moderation, extremism and secularity in religion. A must watch for people who use these 3 terms.

Is the beard obligatory? – FUNNY Q&A – Sh. Hussain Yee

Hussein Yee once again, brings humor to the Muslims on the subject of growing the beard. He begins by making fun of his own beard, saying someone called him a goat. Then while expl...

Fake Ex Muslim Ergun Caner Exposed – Part 18

Ergun Speaking a lot of Gibberish trying to get it passed off as Arabic

Get Married! Shiek Yusuf Estes

Sheik Yusuf Estes highlights the importance of Marriage and the obstacles we have ourselves created had made difficult to get married. This beautiful portion is taken from his lect...


This is part 10 of the fake ex muslim exposed series showing how Ergun Mehmet Caner has been lying to the world about being a former devout Sunni Muslim.

FAKE EX MUSLIM EXPOSED Former Muslim Rahim’s journey from Islam to Christ !

It turns out that these ex-muslim videos put up by christians are totally fake. Any Muslim who has basic knowledge can spot this. I suppose its because they cant accept the fact th...

Behaviours of muslims and the spread of islam

in this video brother Hussein Yu explains the relationship between Muslim's behaviours and the spreading of islam and how bad behaviours of some muslims make others walk away from...

Nude Body Scan Exposed

Actor Shahrukh Khan exposes truth about "Nude Body Scanners" at airport security in Manchester, UK

Priests and Preachers entering Islaam(1/2) – Sheikh Yusuf

Priests and Preachers Entering Islaam. Latest lecture followed by Q and A session. This is Part 1 out of 2.

Secret Order of Siam

Humorous re-enactment of Initiation to the Order of Siam while traveling in the Road Show for Islamic Relief, Sept. 2009 in U.K. (Ukh)

Obamas Day

Islam Newsroom Reports on President Obama's Day - Sister Sadia reports. (Humor)

YOU left out

Yusuf Estes demonstrates how YOU TubeIslam.com becomes just TUBEislam.com

FAKE EX MUSLIM EXPOSED Nasir Siddiki – Journey from Islam to Jesus Christ

these ex-muslim videos put up by christians are totally fake. Any Muslim who has basic knowledge can spot this. I suppose its because they cant accept the fact that the videos of c...

Something for Kids

Just watch it

Evolution – Yusuf Estes

Understanding Evolution.

Iraqi Reporter Throws Shoes at George Bush

Brother Excercises his democratic right and throws shoes at George Bush

How to call to Islam 8-13

How to call to Islam 8-13 by Yusuf Estes

Sheikh Yusuf Estes at GPU 2008

Sheikh Yusuf Estes and Mohammed Amer at GPU 2008

A simple boy with big heart

A simple boy with big heart big knowledge of Tawheed. Test him

little girl climbing her self the camel

little girl climbing her self the camel - talent

Discovering Ramadan

Discovering Ramadan

Yusuf Estes at Rockford’s IQRA Mosque

5 minute video of Sheikh Estes giving brothers a few laughs. This video is recorded by Brother Aba' Mika'el.

Baby Saying tata

Asiya baby saying tata


A joke with Dr.Eiad

Ask Baba Ali Little BackBiter

Advice from the friendly funny man