Why Abdul Raheem Green Came to Islam

The Conversion Story of Abdur Raheem Green

Tyrone Takes Shahaada

Tyrone from UK makes Shahaada

Converts in UK Umma Media

Each day 100 people convert to Islam. by Host Yusuf Chambers Umma Media

2 New German Shahadahs

2 People from Germany Enter Islam

New German Shahadah 2

Another Man from Germany makes Shahadah

New German Shahadah 1

Man from Germany makes Shahadah

WHY 20000 Americans convert to Islam annually?

An NBC report on Why so many people in America are converting to Islam

Another German Boy makes Shahadah

Another German Boy Enters Islam through the Da'wah of his friend. May Allah bless the two Boys.

Michael a German Boy Revert to Islam

Micheal, a German Boy proclaims Shahadah. Allahu Akbar

German Boy Makes Shahadah

The German Boy Martin Converts to Islam Make Dua for the Brothers!

5 Germans Revert to Islam in one Evening!

5 Germans Enter Islam performing Shahadah with brother Pierre Vogel. May Allah Bless him

Yusuf Ali – How I came to Islam

Brother Yusuf Ali from Canada explains how he got interested and finally accepted Islam

3 french women convert to Islam

3 french women convert to Islam in the presence of al Sheikh AL Qaradawi

Hijab – French new muslima speaks

Hijab is the security for women

French and British couple enter Islam

Islam is to everybody who really needs to follow the right path

Another Mexician woman to Islam

Another Mexican woman narrates how she came to the truth of Islam. She was impressed by her little daughter Mashallah

Canadian Revert

Tanya the Revert Sister from Canada tells about How she came to Islam

Scientist converts to Islam

Embryologist finds proof of science in Quran - accepts Islam is the truth.

This man praying on 1 leg for 40 years!

imagine you have been notified with an invitation for a special interview or meeting with the Prime Minister of your country, how thrilled you will be and how much you anticipate t...

American Atheist Girl to Islam

Parents feelings? Atheist parents don't like religions. Fear of oppression at first, but now OK.

Playboy Gal Becomes Muslim

From Playboy, drug addiction, abuse to Islam.

Jeremy from Houston TX enters Islam

Jeremy from Houston TX makes Shahadah with Sheikh Yusuf Estes on Guide Us tv

Romanian and loving Islam

How a Romanian went from being a Christian

Shahada at ISB ~ Dunya to Deen Tour

Shahada at ISB ~ Dunya to Deen Tour

Voice of Islam TV 13 August 2011 Program

Qur'an: 2: 183-185 LECTURE: Welcome O Ramadan Q & A by Abu Hamzah

Shahadah Anthony Seattle WA

Anthony from Seattle, WA makes Shahadah with Sheikh Yusuf Estes and Mutahhir Sabree. Support the Da'wah at

Why Stanley chose Islam

Brother Stanley is a convert to Islam, he decided to look into the three Abrahamic faiths in a personal quest for the truth. After an in-depth study and reading the Quran, he decid...

Voice of Islam TV 17 September 2011 Program

Qur'an: 2: 255-257 Lecture: How I came to Islam Q & A by Abdur Raheem Green.

Shahada in the LBC Guide US TV

Our brother Joseph was raised as a Christian, and reverted to Islam some years ago but never joined with the Muslim community till recently. He heard that Yusuf Estes and Guide US ...

“My Journey To Islam” Scottish Sister Maya Wallace full length story (24 min)

Convert revert girl woman Scottish Scotland atheists Muslim Quran heart mind read hijab fast fasting Pakistani friends questions Islam Muslims media lies inquire sunnah hadith proo...