Last Breath-Ahmed Bukhatir

Last breath by Ahmed Bukhatir Must SEE. Please leave comments.

Who Wants Jannah

A really nice Nasheed about Jannah

Nasheed about Parents



Esmaulhusna 99 names of Allah. Please leave comments.

La Illaha Ilallah

Beautiful nasheed. Please leave comments.

Islam Nasheed


Ya Ommie Nasheed

A Beautiful Nasheed by Ahmad Bukhatir titled Ya Ommie

Do Not be Sad

Do not be sad

Dust Is My Bed

Meshary Alaradah

My Life Belongs To Allah

Just a nice reminder to all my muslim brothers and sisters about why were here.

Children of the World – David Wharnsby

Children of the World Nasheed by David Wharnsby

SubhanAllah – nasheed

From Khaleel Muhammads sophmore album Dhikr of Life. For more info check www.meemmusic.com

Glory be to Allah

Song of Allah

Hijab Our Choice

Muslim women speak out for right to cover

Raihan – Itiraf

A malay nasyid

Tala Al Badro Yusuf Islam NASHEED

Journey to The Prophets Mosque Go deep inside the mosque Built by the Prophet himself Tour the inside

"A" is for Allah

Nasheed by Yusuf Islam

SubhaanAllaah – Nasheed

Nice nasheed by Kamal Uddin

Allah Knows (nasheed)

Nasheed by Zain Bhikha and Dawud Wharnsby

Forgive Me

Nasheed by Ahmed Bukhatir

Muhammad, peace be upon him

Anyone know the title? (please email me)

Ya Tayba (children singing)

Nasheed (Muslim song) Ya Tayba, by children

I fear Allah would blame me !

This is a very poetic and wise saying by the great Imam Ahmad:


Chilren's Nasheed 'Butterfly'

Taballagh – Trials of Life

Go through the trials of life, the little of little trials, And prepare yourself for the long journey.

Dawah Songs ep. 1 rough cut

Brother Mustaqiim Deen wrote, sang and preformed then produced this lovely video. Senator Kennedy was so impressed with it, he gave it to president Bill Clinton back in the 1990s. ...

Adem ramadani (The Orphan)

MUST SEE, albanian with translation in english.

Hadeeth on the web…

Intro to hadeeth on the internet.

Allahu Allahu Beautiful Nasheed!!!

Qari Waheed Zafar sings about Allah, ...

MARY ~ Love Marriage & Fairytales

Today's world has gone astray, purity is scarce. Sexualization of society and we've lost touch to our morals. This poem aims to provide a solution. Lend me your ears.

This is Islam

Song by Mustaqim Sahir

Very Beautiful poem About Christianity


O Christ Worshipers We Want An Answer

O Christ Worshipers We Want An Answer

NEW Trailer from Muslimnet.org

Bism-Allah-Al-Rahman-Al-Raheem! Im Namen Allahs, des Allerbarmers, des Barmherzigen!/nAssalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu/nLiebe Geschwister & Islam-Interessierte, Mu...