Descriptions of Paradise

An poetic excerpt from the work of Ibn Qayyim - rahimahullah

Black Stone

Story of Putting the Black Stone in Ka'ba


Nasheed titled Al-Khaliq

Full of Humility

Nice Nasheed

Tala-Al-Badru-Alyna (Arabic)

Famous Nasheed Tala-Al-Badru-Alyna.

If you ask me by Yusuf Islam

Nasheed by Yusuf Islam

Aabidal Haramayn (Arabic)

Famous arabic nasheed based on the letter by Abdullah Ibn Al-Mubarak to his friend Fudail Ibn Iyyad


Presentation on the hijab - a reminder for Muslimahs

Hijab Poem by Ahmed bin Al-Ajmi

Nasheed Poem recited beatuifully by Ahmed bin Al-Ajmi

Islam Nasheed

Nice Nasheed about Islam

Alhamdulillah Dawud Wharnsby Nasheed

Nasheed titled Alhamdulilah by Dawud Wharnsby

Da’wah Ila Al Jannah

ahadeeth or saying of our prophet muhammad peace be upon him with a nasheed

Mountains of Makkah

Mountains of Makkah. A Beautiful Nasheed by Zain Bhikha. Please leave comments.

Sayings of Prophet Muhammad(Peace be Upon Him)

For all my brothers and sisters in Islam. A beautiful Nasheed with few of the beautiful Sayings of Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him)


A Video with nice pictures and discussing Paradise with help of different verses from the Quran

Islam in the west

A Nasheed about Muslims in the west.

Give Thanks To Allah by Zain Bikha

Give Thanks To Allah by Zain Bikha. very nice!!Its a MUST SEE!!

True Friend

Nasheed by Mishary Arada

Commanding Good and Forbidding Evil

Some benenficial reminders of the this vital aspect of Islamic teachings

Bismillah by Yusuf Islam

Bismillah by Yusuf Islam. Please leave comments.

Your beauty by Hamza Robertson

Your beauty by Hamza Robertson. A very beautiful nasheed on Allah S.W.A and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.--------------------------------------------------------------------------Send me...

Ya Akhi

Ya Akhi Nasheed by Ahmad Bukhatir

From Students to Leaders

Glimpse into the lives of several Companions of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him)

Ya Aqsa

A Nasheed sung by children

ella salaty

Ella Salaty - A Nasheed about Salah

A Whisper Of Peace Dawud Wharnsby Nasheed

A nasheed titled A Whisper of Peace by Dawud Wharnsby Ali

Characteristics of the Seeker of Happiness

Based on the works of Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah


Nasheed in urdu dont worry if you dont understand Urdu its got subtitles very touching Nasheed

Dont Waste Your Time – Nasheed

Beautiful nasheed reminding us not to procastinate. By Mishary Afasy

O Allaah

Beautiful reminders

The World of Islam.

The world of Islam.

99 Names of Allah Nasheed by Kamal Udeen

The 99 beautiful names of Allah nasheed by Kamal Udeen

Al-Khaliq by Rashid Bhikha

Al-Khaliq by Rashid Bhikha. Please leave comments.

Nashid by Dawod Ali

A nice Nasheed by Dawood Ali

Ya Taibah

Another Nasheed by the title Ya Taibah

Ya Thoybah

A Nasheed titled Ya Thoybah

Ya Makkah

Beutiful nasheed called Ya Makkah. Please leave comments.

God by mishary alafasy

Nasheed "Ilahi(God) by Mishary Al-Rashid Al-Afasy

Nashid about Salah by Mishary alafasy

Nasheed on Salah in the voice of Mishary Al Afasy

Zawjati – Wife

A Nasheed titled Zawjatik by Ahmad Bukhatir what hi is saying I love you like you are and what ever happens my wife i will always like you exsactly like you are my wife

Your Mother by Rashid Bhikha

Beautiful nasheed on mother by Rashid Bhikha. Please leave comments.

I am a Muslim by Zain Bhikha

I am a Muslim by Zain Bhikha. Please leave comments.


A Beautiful Islamic Song "Give Thanks to Allah" with Lyrics

La Ilaha IllAllah by Zain Bhikha

La Ilaha IllAllah by Zain Bhikha

If the Prophet Muhammad PBUH visited You

A beautiful nasheed written and read by Aliya Khanum. She has passed on to her Lord. She learned the quran and then was teaching it. She died in a car crash on her way to teach the...

Azan Wajid Akhtar

Adhaan recited by Brother Wajid Akhtar.

Show Me The Way

Show me the way. A very nice nasheed recited by my friend wajid akhtar. He wrote it himself.

New Unseen Nasheed

Must See. I NEED YOUR HELP. Up and coming Nasheed artist. Very Good Mashallah. Please rate the video and add comments and suggestions for him as he will recieve the comments from m...