Dial Dr. Zakir Naik Episode 2.Part 1/2

Dial Dr. Zakir Naik a new program on peace tv about the live question and answer Episode 2.Part 1/2 on Peace Tv.

Whats Islam

Islam explained in simple English - at last.

Slavery to Allah

this video talks about Slavery to Allah and what believer must do

Our belief part 4

Sheikh Mohammed Salah with Sheikh Yusuf Estes on Egyptian chanal(Al Rahma TV)

A revert Muslim having problems

A revert Muslim having problems

Sis Mardeya entering Islam

Please welcome sister Mardeya to Islam. Allahu Akbar

35 sisters embracing Islam in Hong Kong

On Feb 28, 2010 and infront of over a 100 people, 35 sisters from the Philippines and Indonesia have declared their faith in Islam at Masjid Ammar, Hong Kong City. Allahu Akbar.

women in islam part 3

Islam uplifts women.

women in islam part 2

What do muslim women have to say about women in islam?

Convert to islam day

May 21st is convert to islam day on youtube and facebook.

History Certificate Trailer (Seerah to Abbassid)

The Foundation for Knowledge and Development launches the History Certificate Program in July 2010, covering the Seerah, al-Khulafa ar-Rashidun, the Ummayyad, and the Abbasid perio...

The Real Picture of Muhammad(peace be upon him)?

Sheik Yusuf Estes tell about what is real love to Prophet Muhamamad (peace be upon him)