Young German accepts Islam with English subtitles

interview with a young German who explains his reasons why he converted from Christianity to Islam

Germans to Islam with english Subtitles

more than 4000 germans reverts last year to islam. video by as-sunna Verlag

Ask the Muslim woman

If you want to know how Muslim Women feel, simply ask them

The correct Hijab (Arabic)

Hijab according to Quran and Sunna.

Intentions in Islam – Niyah

Intentions according to the Quran and Sunnah

2 New German Brothers into Islam

Live Shahadas with Pierre Vogel from Cologne 03.10.2007

The Ultimate Ramadan Checklist

Ramadan Mubarak everyone. We have compiled The Ultimate Ramadan Checklist for your use to keep track of your worship in this Blessed Month inshaAllah. Dont worry it is a free downl...

Speech by Silent K

Muslim Spoken Word Artist Silent K performing a poem called Speech

Moldovan girl convert

A Moldovan girl tells about her way to Islam

FOX News American Youths Find Islam

FOX news looks at 3 American youths journey to Islam

Invite Canada to Paradise

Invite the WORLD to Paradise. Please submit comments on this video and we will forward them to Ahmad Shehab.

ShareIslam Web Sites Network

this video lists some of the sites founded by Shaikh Yusuf Estes a former preacher

New Shahada from Bonn Germany

27.08.2007 in Bonn West-Germany with Brother Pierre Vogel

Forum for Better Understanding Part 4

Jim Grant has a discussion on Islam with Sheik Yusuf Estes

Forum for understanding Part 3

Jim Grant has a discussion on Islam with Sheik Yusuf Estes

Forum for Better understanding Part 2

Jim Grant has a discussion on Islam with Sheik Yusuf Estes

Forum for Better Understanding Part 1

Jim Grant has a discussion on Islam with Sheik Yusuf Estes

A Meeting with Allah

A Video describing how the People of Paradise would be rewarded by meeting their Creator.

6 Germans Enter Islam

Six People from Berlin Germany Enter Islam

Islam the fastest growing Religion in Germany

german tv report about the growing of islam in Germany especially in masjid an-nur in the capital Berlin

The Bible

The Bible - Is it original or has it been corrupted ?

German Woman from Munich Reverts to Islam

August 2007 New Live Shahada with brother Pierre Vogel

Advice when Losing a Loved Yusuf Estes Siraj Wahaj

This show reminds you about death and then the shaykhs give you advice on how to deal with losing someone you love

PAUSE its prayer time Brother

Prayer reminder a commercial showing the importance of prayer

PAUSE its prayer time Sister

Prayer reminder a commercial showing the importance of prayer

Dawah Clip As Salah The Prayer

A beautiful reminder of the uncertainty of life and the importance of Salaah

TheDeenShow Yusuf Estes Azan

The Shaykh helps give us the meaning and translation of the Muslim call to Prayer the Azan

Allahu Akbar God is Great in Islam Not Atheist Media Spin

Allahu Akbar means God is Great. Understanding the beliefs of Islam and Muslims as opposed to the current Atheist agenda to promote removal of God for the society. Muslims Jews and...

Germany Reverts to Islam! Allahu Akbar

Video made by As-Sunna Publications Germany

Umars Letter – a Microcosm of Todays State of the Ummah

This piece contains crucial information on the causes and reasons for victory and defeat. Advice that the Muslims need to understand and apply today.

shaikh othaimain janazah

shaikh othaimain janazah

TheDeenShow Mercy Of The Messenger with Q and A

The Shaykh shows some great examples of the mercy of the last and final messenger to mankind with Question and anwsers towars the end

German Scientist and his wife

A German Doctor and his wife tell their reversion story. May Allah Bless them and accept from them.

Global Peace and Unity 2006 NEW MUSLIMS

2 Sisters make Shahadah with Sheik Yusuf Estes during Global Peace and Unity 2006

Obey Your Parents

This video reminds us to obey our parents.


This video reminds us of backbiting something very serious.

What Is Islam?

Introduction to Islam

Islam in Thailand

Lectures and Khutbah by Shieke Rida Ahmad Samadi

Ten Phrases That Lead to Sucess!

A Beautiful Presentation showing ten phrases that lead to sucess

Understanding Islam – MSA Short Film

This Video was made as part of the One Waterloo Diversity Campaign for an event entitled Unveiling Ignorance Understanding Islam

Jerome Claire How I Wrestled My Way to Islam

formerly Jerome is the first blind person who was accepted into professional wrestling. This is the story about his life and how he became Muslim

Latifa becomes Muslim

Sister Latifa Rachel and her family are interviewed about how the Change has affected them. May Allah accept from her