The Scotish Christian Dr. to Islam

A Scottish ex-Christian Theologist tells about how and why he accepted Islam.

Converted Mexican Woman

A Mexican Sister Revert tells about herself

Latino and Loving Islam Catholic then Christian Now Muslim

Alex Lopez talks us through his experience of being a Catholic then Christian and finally to the Ultimate truth Islam.

10 Things We WASTE

This short video is based on a lesson by ibn Qayyim

State of the Ummah

State of the Ummah

Ex Christian tells

Former Christians describes life before Islam and what made him choose Islam. Please watch and rate.

Student Enters Islam

Student finds peace and logic in Islam

German boy converts to islam

Live on congregation and community hall, German boy converts to Islam

First Hijrah

Early Muslims escape persecution to Abbasiniya (Ethiopia) - Negus, the Christian king hears Quran - accepts Muslims

Treatment of Non-Muslims

How we treat non-Muslms & neighbors in every day life.

Dr Meena hindu Brahman embraced Islam

Dr Meena hindu Brahman embraced Islam

Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia

Documentary about IDCA is Australia

Sister Converts to Islam

True Story - Sister to Islam

Convert to Islam

A new convert to Islam

Hindu to Muslim

Journey to Islam Story

Islam in America

Reverts to Islam

How to give Dawah – Abdul Raheem Green Part 6

How to give Dawah - Abdul Raheem Green Part 6 The Invitation The word "dawa" in Arabic literally means invitation, and that is what this is about. Inviting people to Alla...

Islam is spreading worldwide by Abdullah Hakim Quick

Islam is the religion of Truth, and it continues to spread from one corner of the earth to the other!

Beauties of islam : Who is Allah ?


Dial Dr. Zakir Naik Episode 2.Part 2/2.

Dial Dr. Zakir Naik a new program on peace tv about the live question and answer Episode 2.Part 2/2 on Peace Tv.

What They Said.. De Lacy O Leary

What They Said.. De Lacy O Leary

Lady Enters Islam Gets Married & Tells Us All

Lady entered Islam, got married and came to ICNA Convention for her "Honeymoon". Allahu Akbar!

5 Women enter Islam at GPU in UK

Five women all took shahadah at the same time in Global Peace & Unity in UK.

What They Said.. Michael Hart

What They Said.. Michael Hart

Crime Stop & Go Muslim

Robber attacks Muslim shop keeper. Muslim stops thief with gun & gives him $40 dollars and some bread. Thief promises to repent and even asks to be like the Muslim.

Christmas Lies?

"How old were you when you found out there was NO SANTA CLAUS?" Yusuf Estes really hits the audience with a number of really funny stories - yet at the same time, they kn...

IOU Islamic Online University

Donate to help the Islamic Online University Grow

Burn Quran Bible or What

Quran and Bible are from the same God, the same Lord, in the original language. Christians, Jews and Muslims should raise their books and praise their Lord, the same Lord who sent ...

What They Said.. W. Montgomery Watt

What They Said.. W. Montgomery Watt

15 People Convert to Islam in Mumbai *NEW*

Dr Zakir Naik is back with another peace conference. The conference was held on November 23, 2008 in Mumbai, India.

Justice for Aafia Siddiqui! – JFAC Trailer

Aafia's sentencing is on 6 May 2010 - she faces spending the rest of her life in an American maximum security prison. Since her conviction, she has been denied access to phone call...

The Straight Way: Proud To Be A Muslim

My Son Is Proud To Be A Muslim, Masha'Allah

What They Said.. Washington Irving

What They Said.. Washington Irving

Great Women of Islam (animated)

Animated cartoon for children (of all ages). History of Islam, told from the women's perspective and clearing misconceptions about Islam in general and Muslim women in particular....

3D Graphic Animation Lesson 6

3D graphic animation tutorial. Learn how to use computer software to animate graphics in 3D.