My Reversion

New muslimah telling her story

American convert

the unity of Allah. the ummah. the prophets last speach. the brotherhood.

Sister Melinda Baily part 1

American Revert sister Melinda Baily

Sister Melinda Baily Part 2

American Revert sister Melinda Baily

Islam Story of Katia part 2

New Muslimah - Russian Katia

Islam Story of Katia part 1

New Muslimah - Russian Katia

Spanish Muslims


Moving finger in the tashahhud

how to move your finger in tashahhud

Quran in 30 days

easy way

Priest sees the beauty of Islam

A Catholic Priest explains the beauty of Islam that he see

Musab Ibn Umayr

Short Commentaries about the companions. Musab Ibn Umayr

Suhayb Ar Rumi

Short Commentaries about the companions. Suhayb Ar Ruma

Salim Mawla Abi Hudayfah

Short Commentaries about the companions.

Who do you Worship?

Who do you worship? - Sheik Yusuf Estes

Danish Muslim for 25Years

Brother from Denmark talking about Muslims in Denmark

Pray Salat

A Reminder Video

Stevens Shahadah

The Shahadah Steven took on monday 9th April 2007 at Islambradford center

Shahadah at Peace 2008

A brother converts to Islam and is greeted by his fellow Muslims at Peace 2008

New Muslim Shahada with Yusuf Estes

Asian Brother accepts Islam with Yusuf Estes

Sister revert from Dallas

Interview with sister revert from Dallas

Whats the Bible? with Yusuf Estes

This is a Show with Yusuf Estes about the Bible

Freedom of Choice in Islam

Freedom of Choice in Islam

Original Sin Versus Original Goodness

What Muslims believe about being born innocent

German Muslim Revert

Interview with German Muslim revert

WhyIslam – An Introduction

WhyIslam An Introduction


The Muslim view about the return of prophet Essa

My Way to Islam by Dr Bilal Philips

Dr Bilal Philips narrates to us his amazing journey towards the light of Islam.

Fasting the day of Ashura

Fasting the day of Ashura and the truth about Muharram

Irish Woman to Islam

The Story of an Irish Sister to the path of Truth.

Muslim Youth in Australia Documentary

IDCA Productions Presents a Youth Documentary and the problems which they face today living in a western country.

Scott – the 13 year old Revert

Interview with a new muslim revert by his friend

Are you Neglecting Fajr Prayer

Reminders of importance of Salaah with emphasis on Salatul Fajr

God Dosnt Need a Son

God Dosnt Need a Son

Language and Faith

Language and Faith

Peace in Faith

Peace in Faith

Thank Allah

A paralyzed brother tells what he wished he had.

From Atheism to Islam…A Must See!!!-part 2

A Japanese Girl Journey from Atheism to Islam .A young Japanese girl discovers Islam unexpectedly during her experiences in USA. Seiju takes us step-by-step through her amazing tra...

Chris Accepts Islam testimony of faith

Chris Accepts Islam testimony of faith is about an American who has found the truth in life and makes a public testimony of faith humble your heart open your mind and enjoy

Akhirah Superfunds

What have you done extra for your Akhirah. Well this video compares to pair

Islam Says No!

A short clip from the brothers at idca regarding sins

Son of Man

Son of Man

Guidance for who?

Guidance for those who..

Texan Salams

Texan Salams

Christianity named after Jesus

Christianity named after Jesus