Ask Baba Ali Escaping the Holiday Party

Advice from your friendly funny man

What kind of Muslim are You?

Some people and when filling applications they ask - What Kind or cast of muslim are you?

Laugh With Sheik Yusuf Estes

Laugh With Sheik Yusuf Estes

Imitation of the president Bush

In GPU 2007.a comedian is imitating the president Bush

Ummah Films – The Parent Negotiations

This video is about all the back and forth negotiations one goes through when dealing with their parents about marriage.

Who Hijacked My Religion ?

Who Hijacked my Religion by Baba Ali

Joking in Islam

Speaking the truth at all times

Ummah Films – Fisibilillah Discount

Funny Video about Muslims asking Muslim for discount

Funny young Imam.

Young Imam very funny and a MUST SEE.

Funny Things at Jummah blog 1

Few Tips for the Khateebs about their Jummah Khutbahs.


This video shows the mercy of a tiger with a monkey

Muslim Character at Work – Baba Ali

Character of Muslim While at Work

Muslim While Flying Ummah Films

Muslim While Flying by brother Baba Ali

Having a beard

Having a beard in Islam

Arrogant People

Baba Ali Season2 Funny entertaining - and on the point

Just in Case You Forgot

Very funny, and enlightening video about the high cost of Muslim weddings

Tips to Khateebs (lecturers)

Ummahfilms production "Tips to Khateeb"

I am Muslim…Butt…FUNNY Sheik Yusuf Estes

I am Muslim...Butt...FUNNY Sheik Yusuf Estes...

Facebook Halal or Haram

Facebook, Twitter, My Space - social networking is going on everywhere.

Some side benefits of Salah while diving :)

Some side benefits of Salah while diving :)

Sheik Yusuf Drops Motorcycle

While shooting a promo for Guide US TV, Yusuf Estes "Dropped" by a friend who has a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

All work and no play.. No way

All work and no play? No way!

Fiqh of Ping Pong

Fiqh of Ping Pong.

Guide US TV Puppet Bloopers

Watch ~ funny

The Man who Changed the World!


Baba Ali "Is it Islam – or Culture?"

Is it really Islam? (or is it traditions, culture and man-made religion?) Baba Ali gives us the hard reality - in a funny way!