Thousands were left homeless and many were stranded on the submerged roads in southern Pakistan, as the country was hit by cyclone Phet on Sunday June 06, 2010./nThe cyclone caused heavy flooding and rain in the coastal areas, as the storm hit the coasts between Karachi and Thatta. As many as 200,000 people have lost their mud homes from the port city of Gwadar and coastal belt of Thatta District due to heavy floods./nHidaya Foundation team (over 150 members ) at its Central Field Operations in Shikarpur, Pakistan is monitoring the situation closely and will be making the moves as soon as big picture is clear. Hundreds of packages of supplies including 20 Kg bag of rice, 4.5 liter of cooking oil, 5 kg of lentils, soaps for bathing and washing clothes, bed sheets and towels are ready to be distributed to people in need. /nFor more info. please visit: