One Man to Unite Them All…The Return of Jesus (Peace be upon him)/nSome of the things covered in this lecture -/nWhat really happened to Jesus did he die, was he crucified, who was put on the cross?/nWhen will Jesus Return and what will be his mission?/nWhy did Allah (God) raise Jesus up?/nWhat will Jesus look like, where and when will he descend?/nWho will Jesus follow when he returns?/nWho and what is the dajjal (antichrist)?/nWhat will the dajjal (antichrist) look like and where and when will he appear?/nWho will kill the dajjal (antichrist) and what will happen after he is killed?/nWho are the yajooj and majooj (gog and magog)? /nWill Jesus Die in the end?/nWhy is it important to know these major signs of the hour?