Facebook – Halal or Haram by Yusuf Estes

Facebook concerns over Halal and Haram in social networking, discussed with Yusuf Estes while on iEra Dawah tour in UK.

Eid – Our Day (Khutbah)

Eid Khutbah "Our Day" by Yusuf Estes

Secret Order of Siam

Humorous re-enactment of Initiation to the Order of Siam while traveling in the Road Show for Islamic Relief, Sept. 2009 in U.K. (Ukh)

Mailbox Translated


135 Enter Islam with Yusuf Estes

135 at one time stand to make shahadah and enter into Islam, with Me and Sheikh Mutahhir Sabree - All of this took place on the island of Curacao near South America.