Less than 5 Mins : EP. 2 – Does God exist ?

Another Short Reminder presenting excellent examples of the Wonders of the Universe and all the planets and stars being in a real discipline proving that there has to be Creator.

Voice of Islam TV 6June 2009 Program

Quran surah 2 ayah 254-257

ABC Nightline investigates iPad slave labor

ABC Nightline investigates accusations against Apple iPad for Chinese slave labor. Suicides are less than national average while pay is higher than average. Bottom line, seems Appl...

Voice of Islam TV 9 August 2014 Program

Qur'an: 51: 56-60 the purpose of life.

Voice of Islam TV 13 June 2009 Program

Quran surah 2 ayah 267-268

Voice of Islam Tv 19 May program

Qur'an: 4: 135-136

Voice of Islam TV 13 September 2014 Program

Qur’an 57: 1-4 Allah the Creator of everything. Feature: True Islam documentary by Bin Baz Foundation.

Voice of Islam TV 16 May 2009 Program

Quran surah 2 ayah 2-5

Voice of Islam TV 31 July 2010 Program

Quran: 2: 183-186 Lecture: The Etiquettes of Ramadan Part 1 by Belal Assad

Voice of Islam Tv 26 May program

Qur'an: 2: 255-257

Laniakea – Super Heaven (What Scientists Just Learned – In Quran for over 1,400 years)

New Discovery ' Mily Way is part of Mega Cluster LINEAKEA - Superclusters – regions of space that are densely packed with galaxies – are the biggest structures in the Universe. But...

Voice of Islam Tv 2 June program

Qur'an: 29: 19-20

Story of Bottled Water

Story of bottled water and what is really happening with it. Tap water may not be the best, but it is a lot cheaper.

Voice of Islam Tv 9 June program

Qur'an: 29: 19-20

Voice of Islam TV 13 April 2013 Program

Qur'an: 29:19-20, 46:3, 7:54

Voice of Islam TV 11 July 2009 Program

Qur'an: surah 2 ayah 164-165

Voice of Islam TV 18 May 2013 program

Qur'an: 51: 56-60

Voice of Islam TV 10 January 2015 program

Qur'an: 57: 1-4 Allah is the Creator of everything.

Voice of Islam TV 18 July 2009 Program

Qur'an: surah 3 ayah 191-195

Voice of Islam TV 7 August 2010 Program

Quran: 2: 183-186 No Stone Unturned: Ramadan by Bilal Dannoun

Voice of Islam TV 16 June 2012

Qur'an: 36: 36-40

Hijama (Cupping therapy)

Hijama (Islamic Cupping therapy)a prophetic medicine that is being ignored

Helical Model of the Universe Proves: SUN MOVING STRAIGHT TO STOPPING POINT

Scientists now discuss the "Helical Vortex" model of the universe. The concept is - 'The sun is not just moving around in circles as once thought. Rather, it is turning o...

Episode 2 Untold Stories of World History

"Untold Stories of World History" Huda TV Program Presented by Dr. Abdullah H. Quick.

Atheist Blind Faith Unobservable Proof?

Darwin said, "I see that all the living creatures that lived on this earth are from one primitive form, which the Creator gave life to"

Voice of Islam TV 1 May 2010 Program

Quran: 4: 57-59

FISHY RIDDLE: Who’s Got the Fish?

Riddle: "Who has the pet fish?" Dr. Albert Einstein (or Lewis Carol of Alice in Wonderland, maybe?) gave a riddle that only 2% of world's thinkers can solve (or maybe mor...

Voice of Islam TV 15 May 2010 Program

Quran: 29: 19-20, 46: 3, 7: 54

Voice of Islam TV 22 September 12 Program

Qur'an: 4: 135-136 LECTURE: Sahabahs youth - inspiring todays youth part 1 by Sheikh Aslam Ismail.

Testing Quran’s Accuracy – Mindblowing!

In the Quran, God speaks about the stages of man’s embryonic development: