Question about Worship

QA Session with Yusuf Estes

Questions and Answer session with Sheik Yusuf Estes

Music in Islam

Sheikh Yusuf Estes answers a question about Music in Islam

Uselessness of Philosophy

Abu Ammar Yasir Qadhi answers a Question describing the Flawed Nature of Philosophy

Q And A Halal or Haram with Shaykh Adly

We get to see the Shaykh answer some imporatant Questions About dating Boyfriend girl friend Smoking Grass is it Halal and other good Questions about Islam

Are Women Allowed to be on TV? – Part 1

Answer to the Question posed to Shaykh Muhammad S Adly regarding women being on camera in al-islam.

Rational Rejections

Common sense in Islam

Hands in Prayer

Correct position of hands during prayer

How to wear Hijab Video 2

Fundamentals of wearing a shayla hijab - Compliments of thecanadianmuslim.ca

Purpose of Heaven and Hell

Purpose of Heaven and Hell

Common Questions

Common Questions with Salim Morgan and Yusuf Estes

Justice in Heaven or Hell

Justice in Heaven or Hell

Q&A delaying prayers and plucking eyebrows

Sheikh M. Salah from Ask huda .. answers Qs regarding delaying prayers and plucking eyebrows..

Istekhara – Sh Muhammad Salah

Q: He prayed 'salat Al-Estekhara', but he didn't receive any answer

Shortening and combining prayers

Question about when to Shorten and combine prayers

What is the Best way to Repent?

what is the Best way to Repent? Answer by Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem in Ask Huda.

What are the qualifications to become a scholar in Islam? – Q&A – Sh. Shady Alsuleiman

An important reminder dear brothers and sisters! We live in a time where we have too many wannabe ''facebook scholars''. Islam is not a game where anyone can interpret and find out...