5 years old boy in Tanzania preaching

A 5 years old boy in Tanzania preaching to thousands in tanzania and speaking accurate Arabic and hundreds left christianity and joined Islam

Something for Kids 7

little girl reciting a few surahs of part 30 of the noble quran mashaAllah

Clay animation about Yusuf(Peace be upon him)

This is a claymation showing the story of Prophet Yusuf(Peace be upon him)

Little Imam – 2

A Little Boy giving a Lecture

Little Imam

A Little Boy giving Khutbah on the Minbar

A Parrot Reads Quran

Parrot Reads Quran Sob7an allah

Something for Kids 3

hadiths in cartoons

Something for Kids 2 (Hajj)

hajj n umrah

"I Want to Thank You – O Allah" – Maher Zain in UK

Description: "Good life, good life! Allah I want to thank You for the good life! Yes I want to thank You O Allah!" - A "Selfy", A Young man & And words like...

Fireworks Animation Made Easy

Animation just got easier. Do you have Fireworks or Adobe? Maybe you use iMovie or Movie Maker.

Little Sheikh

by deenpop

Surah Ar-Rahman by Youssef Edghouch Amazing

Youssef Edghouch from Morocco now imam in southern California, recites beautifully surah Ar Rahman.

The Puppet Fun Show Pt. 2

by deenpop

Little 4 yr old girl gives BIG SUPER SPEECH for Islam

Just 4yr old Fatima Saleem Kodia is a Jr. KG student in Islamic International School (IIS) Mumbai.

The Puppet Fun Show Allah is the Greatest

The Puppet Fun Show Allah is the Greatest - with Suhaila and Sheikh Yusuf Estes