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ARE YOU A SLAVE? Islam Says We All Are!

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God or Allah (or both)?

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Universal Islam! Last Night LIVE

Islam in The Universe Real Islam Real Universe

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In The News – Wuhan NOW

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EverLASTING Ramadan – Select verses to keep the faith ALL Year

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Mosques of the future!

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End of Ramadan Coming! Oh NO! Dua’ for All Times

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Palace in Paradise!

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“PURPOSE of Life — to be a SLAVE”? part2

“PURPOSE of Life — to be a SLAVE”? Really? (Share if you agree) Ask a Baptist Minister? (with us tonight) — Dr. Shoaib? (agrees). Dr. Adel in Florida (no comment). Dr. Sultan? (Agr...

PURPOSE of Life — to be a SLAVE??

“PURPOSE of Life — to be a SLAVE”? Really? (Share if you agree) Ask a Baptist Minister? (with us tonight) — Dr. Shoaib? (agrees). Dr. Adel in Florida (no comment). Dr. Sultan? (Agr...

Life after covid 19? Sheikh yusuf Estes

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حب المسكين (Love for the poor folks)

Ramadan brings the fasting person close to those who have nothing, even for food.What is really happening in Muslim countries around the world - RIGHT NOW?Find out (and SHARE) with...

Worst Disease Since Adam?

What's worse than Covid-19? Find out 9:30PM EST (6:30 PST)Yusuf Estes is joined by Richard Kifer (former Baptist Minister), Dr Adel, Dr Shoaib and Ahmed RadwanHelp US send out Qura...

Cure- Or FAKE NEWS??

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RAMADAN MUBARAK - TO ALL! Allah Bless you- All month long you can watch us ANYTIME on RAMADANreminders.com & FaceBook.com/y.estes#ramdan #mubarak ! Live With Guide US TV