When to avoid removing hair & nails?

When to avoid removing hair & nails? answer by Dr.Muhammad Salah.

Let’s talk about Marriage – pt 2

This is part two talking about Marriage

Bad omens and the month of Safar.

Bad omens and the month of Safar answer by sheikh Assim Al Hakeem.

Difference in the day of Arafah.How to fast?

The difference between the day of 'Arafah' between Saudi Arabia and India.

Fasting the 6 (Six) Days of the Month of Shawaal.

Reward on Fasting 6 Days of the Month of Shawwaal answer by Dr.Muhammad Salaah.

Adoption – Sheikh Muhammad Salah

Q: Adoption & the things that we need to know about it

Shahadah of Brother Francisco by Imam Imran Nauth

Shahadah by a brother 55 years of age in Bradford, UK - Francisco is a retired Teacher, Previously a Catholic and is linguistic in 9 different languages. For more information and t...

How to perform the Witr Prayer?

How to perform the Witr Prayer?-Answered by Dr. Shaikh Muhammad Salah on ask Huda.

Uncle Sam: The Search for Liberty

Agent Mason has not heard from Sam Liberty aka Uncle Sam since they last met in 2012 for Operation Cherry Tree. Three years have passed since Agent Mason helped Uncle Sam take out ...

Let’s talk marriage

Anyone who wants to get married or has marriage on his or her mind is really gonna wanna watch this show. Some things covered in this episode will be

How To Win Over Your Enemy ?

Al-Qur'an Ch.41 V.34 Nor can goodness and Evil be equal. Repel (Evil) with what is better: Then will he between whom and thee was hatred become as it were thy friend and intimate! ...