European Champion Boxer Converts to Islam

Wilhelm Ott - Famous Austrian/German Boxer converts to Islam during Corvid-19 Coronavirus lockdown.Stay Guided with GuideUS.TV

more of how I came to Islam

a more detailed description of how I came to Islam

Another Shahadah

Mash a Allah, may Allah increase our numbers... another sister took her shahadah at Ammar mosque/Hong Kong last Sunday Aug 31, 2008... Allahu Akbar

See how happy she is after taking her Shahadah!!

another filipina sister embraced Islam at Ammar mosque/Hong Kong. may Allah keep her on His straight path. Ameen.

Why Abduraheem Green Came to Islam

Abduraheem Green tells us in his own words from "Darkness to Light"

135 Enter Islam with Yusuf Estes

135 at one time stand to make shahadah and enter into Islam, with Me and Sheikh Mutahhir Sabree - All of this took place on the island of Curacao near South America.

Dr Zakir Naik Gives Shahadah

Dr. Zakir Naik gives simple answer to lady - and asks her the same question - "If Islam is the truth - why don't all the people accept it?"

5 Women enter Islam at GPU in UK

Five women all took shahadah at the same time in Global Peace & Unity in UK.

Young sister taking Shahada

A new young sister chosen Islam to be her way of life on Sunday Aug 31,2008. Allahu Akbar.

Voice of Islam TV 22 November 08 show

Qur'an al-anam 64-69