Jesus Rifles with Secret Bible Messages

US weapons with secret Bible verses used against Muslims cause concern. ABC Nightline presents excellent coverage.

Not Your Truth!

The truth of Islam is not what propagandists try to make it. Islam is The truth, Not Just Your Truth

did you know this about Jesus

convey this message to christians about Jesus, peace be upon him.

Jesus Will Return (part 1)

Movie: When Jesus Returns

Jesus in Islam

Muslims do believe that Jesus Isa P.B.U.H was sent down as a Prophet of Allah but Jesus P.B.U.H is not God or Lord nor the son of God A video lecture given By Sheik Yusuf Estes

Voice of Islam TV 27 December 08 Program

Qur'an al-Anam 88-91. Lecture: 3 prophets 1 message by Abdurraheem Green.