Canadian Christian man Converts to Islam Oct 7, 2018

The story of James LeBlanc and his Conversion to Islam. Now known as Habib Sahid.

European Champion Boxer Converts to Islam

Wilhelm Ott - Famous Austrian/German Boxer converts to Islam during Corvid-19 Coronavirus lockdown.Stay Guided with GuideUS.TV

Sis Mardeya entering Islam

Please welcome sister Mardeya to Islam. Allahu Akbar

35 sisters embracing Islam in Hong Kong

On Feb 28, 2010 and infront of over a 100 people, 35 sisters from the Philippines and Indonesia have declared their faith in Islam at Masjid Ammar, Hong Kong City. Allahu Akbar.

Share Islam with everyone

A must watch and get

Welcome sister Janet to Islam

Last Sunday, Nov 1st, 2009 after our class in Wanchai Mosque/Hong Kong sister Jannet/Now Jannah embraced Islam. Allahu Akbar... Alhamdulilah.

two Filipinas enters Islam in one day

On Sunday, July 12, 2009, our sisters Cherry and Minda (Now Hanna and Sarah) have decided to enter the religion of Peace, ISLAM. please welcome our new sisters in faith. Allahu Akb...

Why Abduraheem Green Came to Islam

Abduraheem Green tells us in his own words from "Darkness to Light"

135 Enter Islam with Yusuf Estes

135 at one time stand to make shahadah and enter into Islam, with Me and Sheikh Mutahhir Sabree - All of this took place on the island of Curacao near South America.