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assalaamu alaikum. i'm rizwana, but call me rizu im a born muslim alhamdhulilaah from the maldives. i feel very strongly about the situation of the muslim ummah today, so many people take lightly things that are not to be taken lightly. and people are going astray so easily. this is the reason why my husband and i both made our site, in hopes that it might make even a small % of difference, insha Allah. im eager to learn the techniques for dawah and hope study quran and sunnah insha Allah in order to do dawah. i love being a part of youtubeislam, i feel its a great place where we can watch good islamic videos online for free without the presure of sects coming in between. btw i feel so sad abt that situation, there are so many sects now. our beloved prophet has reminded us of this, that is is not good at all, yet why do some people still hold on too tight on it? auzubillaah. i belong to no sect - im a muslim, and my guide is the Quran alhamdhulillaah. i luv u all for the sake of Allah, and may us all be united in Jannah in high ranks then we will all get together and feast and talk with no hatred amongst us. Ameeen........siiighhh....isnt being a muslim the best? alhamdhulillaaaaaah!

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