Evolution is a joke pt 2

Evolution is a Joke Part 2

Evolution is a Joke

Evolution is a Joke

Thai Profesor Enters Islam

A professor from Thailand accepts islam

Nature in the Quran

A few of the verses in the Quran about nature and science

The Amazing Universe

A tour of our universe like you've never seen it. Includes a compilation of graphics and some truly amazing photos

Finnish Science Researcher Converts To ISLAM in Dubai

a small extract from TV Report about a finnish scientist Researcher woman converted to islam at the Conference of the Scientific Miracles in the Quran in Dubai 2007

Miracle of Allah with Shaykh Yusuf Estes

The Shaykh Gives us a Great Miracle from the Quran that we can all ponder over and which should help increase our iman inshAllah

How the sun will rise from the west SCIENCE

This explains with science how the sun will rise from the west as a sign of Judgement Day

Science & Islam

A Video Showing a few Scientific Facts in Quran

Technology and Islam

QA clarifying how Islam views new inventions.

Truth Seekers – Yusuf Estes

Lecture by Yusuf Estes "Truth Seekers"

Theory of Evolution – QA

Evolution vs Creation - Islamic standards for understanding both

Scientist Confirms Islam

Professor of geology Dr. Alfred Kronier accepts Quran evidence and proof of Miracle of Quran - please watch, rate & share Islam

Universe Creation and Islam

How it all came about - it's in Quran

Voice of Islam TV 24 September 2011 Program

Qur'an: 2: 162-165 Lecture: Engineering Harmony by Sister Fiona.

Episode 6 Untold Stories of World History

“Untold Stories of World History" a Huda TV Program Presented by Dr. Abdullah H. Quick.

Voice of Islam TV 8 March 2014 Program

Qur'an: 51: 56-60 the purpose of life

Voice of Islam TV 6June 2009 Program

Quran surah 2 ayah 254-257