Dawah Songs ep. 1 rough cut

Brother Mustaqiim Deen wrote, sang and preformed then produced this lovely video. Senator Kennedy was so impressed with it, he gave it to president Bill Clinton back in the 1990s. ...

Adem ramadani (The Orphan)

MUST SEE, albanian with translation in english.

Hadeeth on the web…

Intro to hadeeth on the internet.

Allahu Allahu Beautiful Nasheed!!!

Qari Waheed Zafar sings about Allah, ...

MARY ~ Love Marriage & Fairytales

Today's world has gone astray, purity is scarce. Sexualization of society and we've lost touch to our morals. This poem aims to provide a solution. Lend me your ears.

This is Islam

Song by Mustaqim Sahir

Very Beautiful poem About Christianity


O Christ Worshipers We Want An Answer

O Christ Worshipers We Want An Answer