Al Khidr and Prophet Moses

The story in surah Al Kahf

Prophet Hud

the prophet of the tribe Ad

Prophet Yusuf

prophet Yusuf was the grand son of prophet Ibrahim

Prophet Ibrahim

He was one ummah alone

Prophet Ayoub

surely We found him patient most excellent the servant Surely he was frequent m returning to Allah. Quran 38 verse 44

Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer 1 of 7

Intro and Wudu step by step prayer guide part 1 of 7

Prophet Shuaib

Prophet Shuaib were sent to the people of madyan

Prophet Dawud

Known as king David by Jews and christians

Smart girl

2 Year Old Girl Fatima Answers Questions About Islam

Upin dan Ipin Ep 02

islamic animation

Questions for the women

Questions for the women

Islamic Learning Center

A place for Islamic learning and shopping

Eshaan Home


Eshaan at Deep Creek2

deep creek