Global Peace and Unity 2006 NEW MUSLIMS

2 Sisters make Shahadah with Sheik Yusuf Estes during Global Peace and Unity 2006

Obey Your Parents

This video reminds us to obey our parents.


This video reminds us of backbiting something very serious.

What Is Islam?

Introduction to Islam

Islam in Thailand

Lectures and Khutbah by Shieke Rida Ahmad Samadi

Ten Phrases That Lead to Sucess!

A Beautiful Presentation showing ten phrases that lead to sucess

Understanding Islam – MSA Short Film

This Video was made as part of the One Waterloo Diversity Campaign for an event entitled Unveiling Ignorance Understanding Islam

Jerome Claire How I Wrestled My Way to Islam

formerly Jerome is the first blind person who was accepted into professional wrestling. This is the story about his life and how he became Muslim

Latifa becomes Muslim

Sister Latifa Rachel and her family are interviewed about how the Change has affected them. May Allah accept from her

Brother Yusuf Adam became Muslim

Brother Yusuf Adam talks about How he came to Islam at hyde park

The Scotish Christian Dr. to Islam

A Scottish ex-Christian Theologist tells about how and why he accepted Islam.

Converted Mexican Woman

A Mexican Sister Revert tells about herself

Latino and Loving Islam Catholic then Christian Now Muslim

Alex Lopez talks us through his experience of being a Catholic then Christian and finally to the Ultimate truth Islam.

10 Things We WASTE

This short video is based on a lesson by ibn Qayyim

State of the Ummah

State of the Ummah

Ex Christian tells

Former Christians describes life before Islam and what made him choose Islam. Please watch and rate.

Student Enters Islam

Student finds peace and logic in Islam

German boy converts to islam

Live on congregation and community hall, German boy converts to Islam